Hoot n Howl Treat Donations   ( Thu, October 24, 2019 . . .  5:30-8pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Cordova Bay PAC   Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Cordova Bay Elementary School,  5238 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC v*Y 2L2   [view map] Print

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Hello and thank you for contributing to our treat sale at the Hoot n Howl.

If your goods can be dropped off earlier, a table will be set up in the gym to receive them all day long on Oct 24. If you'd like to bring them before doors open at 5:30pm, come to the staff room.

Please clearly label your items and dishes/containers.

**Please NO NUTS or Nut Products**

If you are baking gluten free, diary free or anything else special, PLEASE LABEL ACCORDINGLY so volunteers can properly accommodate requests.

We are looking for about 15 people to bake about 15 Halloween themed items each which we can sell for $0.50-$1.00.

Thank you kindly for your donations.

PLEASE Pick Up your containers before you leave the event.

Halloween Baked Goods (12-15 servings)
1. Michelle Joergensen   vegan cookies Change   |   Remove
2. Cara Visco   mummy cupcakes Change   |   Remove
3. Katie Wallis   Monster Rice Krispie squares Change   |   Remove
4. Stacy Leger   Cupcakes Change   |   Remove
5. Stacey Bendall   Skeleton spice cookies Change   |   Remove
6. David Morris   TBD Change   |   Remove
7. Lindsey Graham   Vegan cupcakes- Change   |   Remove
8. Michele Krompocker   Halloween cookies Change   |   Remove
9. sarah rosen   Spider donuts Change   |   Remove
10. Rose Stewart   Mummy Rice Crispy Treats Change   |   Remove
11. Ashley Jones   Halloween popcorn balls Change   |   Remove
12. Bianca Loveless   chocolate brownies Change   |   Remove
13. Dianne Dall’Acqua   Cupcakes Change   |   Remove
14.     Take