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Common Questions

What is

Is a free service?

Do I need to create an account to use

Is my information secure?

Do you send a lot of emails?

Who created and maintains

Coordinator Questions - Getting Started

I haven't ever done this. How do I get started?

How does your website work without requiring me to create an account?

Why do I need to fill out my coordinator information each time I create a schedule?

Can I copy a previous schedule?

Can I use for a series of events?

Can you help me plan the portions needed for a group meal?

How do I know how many people are attending?

Can I add links to other websites on my schedule?

How do I view all my schedules (even older, deactivated schedules)?

Coordinator Questions - Inviting Others

How do I invite friends to participate?

Do I have to enter the email addresses into the 'Invite Friends' tool?

When are the 'Invite Friends' invitations sent?

How do I invite friends I've invited to previous schedules?

I think invitations aren't getting through to friends. What should I do?

How do I include participants who don't have a computer?

How do I invite friends using Facebook?

How do I share a direct web link to my schedule?

Coordinator Questions - Edit Schedule and Update Contact Information

Oops! I've forgotten my administrative password. What should I do?

Some of my event's details are incorrect or have changed. Help!

I typed my own email address incorrectly when creating the schedule. How do I fix this?

Why isn't a Google map link appearing on my schedule?

Why can't I change the name of my category?

Can I add more categories after the schedule is created?

After I create my schedule, how do I communicate with my participants about my event?

Someone accidentally changed information on my schedule. Can I make editing only available to me?

How do I end (disable) my schedule?

Participant Questions - General Questions

Help! I can't find the schedule. I've forgotten my user password. What should I do?

I'm not sure what to bring. Can you help?

Participant Questions - How to Sign Up or Edit My Entry

How do I sign up on the schedule?

All the sign-ups are taken. What should I do?

How do I edit or remove my existing sign-up on the schedule?

I cannot edit or remove my entry. Help!

Participant Questions - Reminders

Will all participants be reminded of the event?

Why am I not receiving the reminder email?


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