3 Helpful Decluttering Tips for the New Year


3 Helpful Decluttering Tips for the New Year
A new year brings with it the anticipated joy of starting fresh and bringing order back to your home. I often breathe a sigh of relief as the holiday season comes to an end and I look forward to decluttering our living spaces.
We usually leave our tree up until after the start of the new year, and although I'm sorry to say goodbye to the twinkling lights, I also look forward to putting my house together again. When I begin putting our Christmas decorations away, it's a good time to consider donating items we don't use.
We moved into our house one year ago, and during that time, I shared about the process of decluttering as I was packing. Although my basement is still in a state I don't want to share (can you laugh with me?), I continue to use these helpful tips when deciding what to keep and what to give away. Here are three questions I ask myself when decluttering.
  1. How often do I use this item?
  2. Does this item bring me joy?
  3. Can someone else benefit from this item?
I recommend starting with the living spaces you use the most. For me, this is the kitchen. Do I have any unused, bulky appliances? Do I have a series of drinkware that over time have broken and are missing glasses to the set? For me, I have countless dinnerware for the kids. If I find I haven't used these items regularly, they go to a donation box I keep nearby.
Sometimes when I'm cleaning out, I'll come across something I've held onto for sentimental reasons. It can be something that was gifted to me and I hold on to it because I don't want to get rid of something I've been given. So, I ask myself, does this item bring me joy? If not, I will donate it. Sometimes I will kindly ask friends if they would like the item to bless someone else. If they say no, then off to the thrift store it goes!
Finally, the third tip is to rehome your item. For me, sometimes this means I will list the item for sale to earn a few dollars in return. Other times, it means I'll take a photo and send a group text to family or friends asking if they could use it. Lastly, if the first two attempts fail, then I will donate it.
One thing that I have been richly blessed by is a "Buy Nothing" group on Facebook. As a part of this group, I can post items and someone in the group will let me know if they can use it. These items are never for sale and I love that it keeps the donations local to benefit those nearby as opposed to a slightly less impersonal thrift store donation.
It can be overwhelming when deciding how to organize your house. I recommend starting small, even just one room at a time. I'm no expert, but I enjoy sharing with you what works for me. As you enter the new year, I hope you will find these three tips helpful, enjoyable and freeing! Happy decluttering!

3 Helpful Decluttering Tips for the New Year

Photo is from The Lazy Genius Kitchen by Kendra Adachi.

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