3 Ways to Help a Friend During an Unexpected Hospital Stay

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3 Ways to Help a Friend During an Unexpected Hospital Stay
I recently had someone close to me who was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly. Our family rallied around her. I was amazed at the love and provision shown to her and her family during this time. Here are some helpful ideas if you, or someone close to you, has a hospital stay that's longer than planned.
1. Offer to bring items from home
My loved one didn't have a hospital bag packed. There was no time for her to go back home to grab the items she needed. Family members offered to gather those items and bring them to her the following day. Some of these items were things like toiletries, a change of clothing and slippers to wear around the hospital room. Other items such as a phone charger were also helpful. We chose to surprise her with framed photos of her family to display in her room. If the hospital allows it, an essential oil diffuser and a couple bottles of essential oils can also be comforting. Any of these ideas can help the adjustment to an unexpected stay feel more intentional.
2. Offer to take a meal to family members still at home
Even when an unexpected hospital stay occurs, meals still need to be provided. There may be other family members at home who are unable to cook and this is a great way to help. A meal schedule can fill in the gaps for times when preparing a meal is too stressful. If preparing an extra meal is not possible, then a meal gift card can be a helpful solution.
3. Plan creative activities for them to do during their stay
Another way to help someone during an unexpected hospital stay is to bring books or activities for them to do while in bed. I gathered these ideas from my sisters-in-law who shared their own ideas as to what they wanted to bring to our loved one staying at the hospital. These ideas were:
  • Paint by number kits
  • Embroidery kits
  • A Kindle for reading
  • Amazon gift cards for unexpected items they may want for the hospital
  • A journal and pens
  • An iPod for listening to music
  • Crosswords or Sudoku puzzles
  • Your own list may look different from this depending on who you are supporting. We hope you find these ideas helpful if you find you are caring for someone who has an unexpected hospital stay. Now, please share your own ideas with us! We'd love to hear them!

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