5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend

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5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend
Recently, I signed up to take a meal to a family from our church and had a delicious recipe I wanted to try. As I prepared dinner for her family and mine, the end result was a meal that didn't look like the photo on the recipe page. Even my kids were trying to console me saying it still tasted great. Because the meal didn't look delicious, I had a hard time not feeling like I failed miserably at taking a meal to this family!
One lesson I've learned is when I'm taking a meal it's best to use recipes I know well. I've also learned that there are some easy ways to take a meal if you are like me, and don't always enjoy cooking. Here are 5 easy no-cook meal ideas you can bring that are delicious and stress free! Even the most seasoned meal taker enjoys not cooking at times!

5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend

Most grocery stores have a section where there are multiple options of various deli sandwiches and tortilla roll ups. One idea would be to choose a sandwich and supply a side of chips and perhaps a favorite beverage. If you need to feed a larger family, purchase a longer baguet and then add your own toppings. The hardest part of this meal would be assembling the meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Buy a simple jar of italian dressing and let the family add as much as they'd like. Here is a fun copycat recipe of Subway's Italian B.M.T you may enjoy.

5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend

In the container aisle of my local grocery store I've seen "meal prep" containers that are divided into three compartments. Another great idea that requires no cooking is to make your own "lunchable" designed for one or two people. Simply fill the compartments with various hand picked foods like summer sausage, cheese, olives and almonds. Creating your own is more cost effective than buying pre-packaged on the go lunches. There are so many possibilities with this idea. This article has some helpful homemade lunchable ideas!

5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend

Shopping Costco is a great resource for meals that are pre-cooked. We recently shared on our Instagram page meals found at Costco that are delicious and comforting. If cooking a large meal is more stressful than it's worth, purchasing a frozen or pre-cooked meal is a great option.
During times of illness in our family, our appetites are not as large as they normally are. Consider bringing a couple cans of your favorite brand of soup and a salad from the deli section in your grocery store. The salad can be refrigerated if not eaten right away and the soup can easily be heated on the stove or even microwaved. I love the idea of making a mason jar salad. Have you prepared salad this way?

5 No-Cook Meal Ideas for Taking to a Friend

Another great idea is taking a pita sandwich kit. To make your own pita kit, you'll need pitas cut in half and sliced open. Next, using your favorite premade Caesar salad kit, toss and fill the pitas. Garnish with crotons or parmesan cheese! If you're feeling adventurous, this recipe looks delicious!
I hope you found this post helpful! Please share your favorite no-cook meal options. What do you take if you'd prefer to not cook a meal?
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