6 Ways We'll Be Here for You in 2024

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6 Ways We'll Be Here for You in 2024
I was recently introduced to a new-to-me podcast. I didn't expect to be holding back heavy sobs during my morning neighborhood walk as I listened to a particular episode. Once a week, Kelly Corrigan does a special "Thanks for Being Here" podcast where she shares a brief eulogy, tribute, or meaningful letter someone has written. The purpose of these brief, but poignant, podcast episodes is to remind us of the "beautiful and essential ways we affect one another."
The episode that I was listening to this particular morning was written by a couple, Joan and Doug Smith, to their long-time neighbors who were moving. They expressed beautifully the impact we can have on each other as neighbors. You should definitely take a few minutes to listen (and grab a tissue first). The letter made me think of my own neighbors, John and Joyce.
As soon as the last snowflake would fall, John would be blowing off our driveway. Now, my teenage sons make sure his driveway is cleared. Joyce shares her vast knowledge of flower gardening with me and as well as perennials that have been passed down through her family. For Christmas, she makes cinnamon bread and in the summer she shares canned pears. Joyce and John come to watch our kids (who were carried on our hips into our new house as Joyce recalls) play their high school basketball and volleyball games. Their children are grown with families of their own, but seeing the many cars flood to their house during the holidays has always inspired me to create a loving place where my children will want to return. Joyce checks on us and we check on them.
The combination of the podcast episode, my own wonderful neighbors, and the new year have me thinking of the many meaningful, but simple ways we can be in each other's lives in 2024. Whether it's across the street, across the hall, or across the country, there are an infinite number of ways to reach out to each other with simple gestures. It's worth doing even what might seem like that smallest act. Even how you live your own life can be an inspiration to those you may not even know are watching.
As we begin 2024 together, our hope is that Take Them A Meal and Perfect Potluck continue to be effective tools to support you as you care for each other and gather together!
Here are a few ways we will be here for you in 2024:
  1. Our community of users has recently grown as we welcome users of FoodTidings.com which ceased operations in November 2023. Our team will continue to be here for any questions that our new users or current users may have.
  2. We'll be adding more easy to transport recipes to our recipe section. Be sure to check out the Raspberry Crumb Bars that were our most recent addition.
  3. For those who prefer shipping meals, we've added a new (and super delicious!) Baked Ziti meal to our store with local sausage or vegetarian versions available. A gluten-free option is coming soon.
  4. The meal carriers we designed will remain in our shop for those who enjoy preparing and transporting their own meals.
  5. We'll continue to offer all of our tips and suggestions in our "In Case You Missed It" section at the end of our weekly email.
  6. We'll continue to help you integrate other sites (like Go Fund Me), so you can offer additional support beyond meals for the lowest cost.
After you take or send a meal, we send a thank you message because we understand what a gift providing a meal is to others and the effort involved. I receive daily replies where our users will say how grateful THEY were for the opportunity to take a meal to someone. I'll end with this brief, but meaningful reply I received to a thank you message earlier this week..
We love doing it! It's as good for us as for them! -Jerry
Isn't that the truth? Whether it's meals or another act of kindness, it benefits both the giver and receiver. That's the thought we want to carry with us through 2024 as we decide how to spend our time. Happy New Year!
From left to right: Scott, Jamie, Adina, Hannah, and Melissa
Not pictured: Nadia, Kelli, and Courtney

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Adina & Maureen

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