Brighten a Hospital Stay with a Busy Box

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Brighten a Hospital Stay with a Busy Box
Unexpected or extended hospital stays can be a very stressful time for both the patient and those at home. My mom is scheduled for a total knee replacement surgery this April, so naturally my mind is shifting to ways we can care for her in and out of the hospital. In looking for creative activities to bring my mom during her hospital stay, I stumbled upon the idea of a "busy box". Taking a busy box is a wonderful way to bring engaging activities to a loved one in the hospital and can help pass the time, especially if they have limited mobility.
I love the idea of getting the whole family involved with creating a busy box! If you have children, let them come up with fun activities they love to do. Then, create a box idea around that theme. This is such a sweet idea if you know of a child who is hospitalized.
Here are some simple ideas you can use for children and adults alike. You can use a gift box like these to fill with simple trinkets.
  • Dollar store coloring books
  • Mini notebooks
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Stickers
More items you could add to a box for added fun!
There are studies that suggest creating art helps us to process strong emotions that may not be easy to express. Providing simple activities like this can provide someone who has recently gone through surgery a way to process what they are feeling.
Here are thoughtful activities to send along to teens, adults or seniors facing a hospital stay:
Being admitted to the hospital for an extended stay can be a very stressful experience, especially if you have limited mobility. I love the words of encouragement Maureen shares in how to care for families in the hospital. She mentions when in the midst of a hospital stay, it may be hard for some to voice exactly what they need, so consider just doing!
"When in the hospital there are a lot of uncertainties but one thing is for sure, the family will appreciate anything you do to show them you care." Maureen.
I hope I've encouraged you to enjoy the creativity that comes with sharing a busy box. Being present with your loved one is always enough, but if you feel inspired to do something extra, a busy box is a fun way to give your loved one engaging activities to work on. Do you have experience taking a busy box? Or have you been on the receiving end of a gift like this that blessed you in the hospital? We'd love to hear!

Brighten a Hospital Stay with a Busy Box

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