July's Celebrity Meal Provider: Maegan of The BakerMama

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July's Celebrity Meal Provider: Maegan of The BakerMama
I can hardly believe that it's time for our July celebrity meal provider. Summer is speeding along and I want my favorite season to slow down. I love the slower pace that summer offers and, like this month's celebrity, I view the extra time with family and friends as a gift.
July's celebrity meal provider is Maegan Brown of The BakerMama. Maegan is from Texas where she and her husband are raising their four children. What has drawn me to Maegan over the years is her festive, but easily accomplished boards and spreads that she shares particularly around the holidays. Her ideas are original and one of my favorites is her Summer Cookout Spread (which is such a nice meal idea to take to a friend). She even gives you tips for transporting your creation!
Maegan's most recent cookbook, Spectacular Spreads, is full of ideas that will help you discover creative ways to take a meal to a friend or make a gathering special. In addition to her beautiful boards and spreads, Maegan has an entire post with meal suggestions that are perfect for when you've signed up to provide a meal.
Let's take a peek into Maegan's kitchen and see what meals she takes to her own friends.

July's Celebrity Meal Provider: Maegan of The BakerMama

1. What is your go-to recipe when taking a meal to a friend?

July's Celebrity Meal Provider: Maegan of The BakerMama

2. What do you send along with the recipe? Any sides or desserts?
  • I always include sides, dessert and a breakfast goodie for the next morning.
  • If the meal is Mexican-themed, I'll include guacamole, salsa, chips, shredded cheese, quesadillas for the kids, etc.
  • If the meal is Italian-themed, I'll include a salad, bread, parmesan cheese, etc.
  • I love including cookies or brownies for dessert.
  • If they just had a baby, I'll include my No-Bake Lactation Bites for the mom whether she's breastfeeding or not. They're great for nutrients and energy! And the whole family usually enjoys them too.
  • I like to include my No-Bake Monster Cookie Balls for a fun treat for the kids, if they have kids!
  • I'll also usually include muffins and some fresh fruit for the next morning.
3. What containers do you use to take this meal?
  • I take everything in containers that can be kept or thrown away. I make sure they know that I don't want them to go to the effort to bring me back any containers.
  • I use disposable aluminum foil containers to bake any dishes in and transport most of the foods in. I'll write on the lid any instructions for reheating or storing the food that is in the container.
  • I take the meal in a large reusable grocery bag so I can just hand it to them or set it on the front porch or kitchen counter. Makes for a swift and smooth delivery especially if you're not planning to linger a while.
4. What inspires you to take meals to others and how does that align with your work on The BakerMama?
  • Delivering a delicious meal to someone in a time of need is one of my favorite ways to serve others and show them how much I love and care about them. A simple gesture that truly means so much. I've been on the receiving end of many meals and I know that wonderful feeling of relief and enjoyment a delivered meal provides.
  • It doesn't have to be complicated or all-consuming as it truly is the thought that counts. It's likely that I'll already be making a meal for my own family, so why not just double the ingredients and make two batches at once so I can feed both my family and a family in need.
  • Simple, family-friendly meals are the name of the game for me. Think of meals that everyone loves and that provide a healthy balance of comfort and nutrition.
  • Any time someone is in need or life is just busy for them, I offer to bring them a meal. Whether it's a newborn, surgery, illness, death, moving, new job, crazy travel schedule, house remodel, or they're just in a rut and need a good meal to bring the family together around, it's the least I can do.
Be sure to take a moment to check out The BakerMama's blog. I'm guessing you will love her ideas as much as we do!

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