Our December Celebrity Meal Provider is Kim Alexis!

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Our December Celebrity Meal Provider is Kim Alexis!
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December! It's unbelievable to me that we're approaching the end of 2022. I'm realizing now more than ever as my kids are getting older that this saying is very true.
The days are long, but the years are short.
I have clear memories from my high school days (the years have been short!) of seeing and reading articles about this month's celebrity meal provider, Kim Alexis. Kim was a young supermodel when I was the age of my own kids. I was drawn to her at the time not just because she was in the spotlight, but she was a woman of faith and held firm to her personal beliefs even when it wasn't easy. Throughout her modeling career, Kim used her presence to challenge women to admire inner beauty and continues to offer realistic support to young women who are interested in modeling.
Kim was on the cover of many well known magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and even set the cover record for Glamour. She was the fashion editor for Good Morning America and was most recently the host for the Food Network's show Food Quest. Kim has authored several books with one being Cheat Eat. This helpful book makes suggestions for substitutions that you will actually enjoy - trading out one food for a food you'll like just as much that's healthier for you. You'll quickly learn she applies this principle when taking meals as well.
We're so grateful to Kim for her willingness to share with us the meal she likes to take to her own friends and loved ones. I'm sure you will enjoy her interview as much as I did!
1.What is your go-to recipe when taking a meal to a friend?
A simple salad - cabbage, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit and a dressing of balsamic, rice wine vinegar, maple syrup and olive oil. Mix it all together - it doesn't last long with my husband Jeff! It is vegan but you could always add chicken or perhaps prosciutto for some extra protein, or even bacon bits! It's quick and easy, so that you get over to your friend or loved one without too much hassle.
When bringing a dish to parties my go-tos are cookies or muffins or brownies BUT my secret is to substitute some of the ingredients with healthier alternatives like raw and unprocessed cacao powder and monk fruit (good for diabetics).
When sharing a dish my goal is to nourish people's bodies and souls. And by swapping out a few ingredients, I find that I can accomplish both of those tasks by providing heart-warming comfort food that also is good for their health.

Our December Celebrity Meal Provider is Kim Alexis!

2. What do you send along with the recipe? Any sides or desserts?
With every meal, especially those given in support for a loved one who may be going through a difficult time, I always send along my prayers for what they are dealing with. I can send as much food as I want, but the true comfort comes from Jesus Christ.
3. What containers do you use to take this meal?
Plastic Glad containers with the shared intent that I don't expect them back! I don't want to burden someone with the need to get a container back to me. Again, if the recipient is in need, the last thing I want to do is add to their stress by giving them another task! Give and never expect anything in return.
4. What inspires you to take meals to others and how does that align with your work?
It's fun to deliver a healthy meal knowing it's going to put a smile on someone's face or help heal them faster. My mission is to inspire healthy living across the world, and to empower women to believe that true beauty and health come from within.

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