Our New Site is Live!!!

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Our New Site is Live!!!
I remember the exact day in January 2008 when my co-founder, Scott, sent me the first version of Take Them A Meal to help my friend, Rachel. Those were the days before mobile phones and texting were the norm, so meals schedules were set up using answering machines and reply all emails. The moment I saw the site Scott created, I knew I could easily set up an online meal schedule for Rachel's family and I would have time to care for her in other ways.
Fast forward to 2022, and Rachel is soon to attend her daughter's wedding! Her continued health is the best part of our Take Them A Meal story. The very first meal schedule was for her family, but now tens of thousands of you use our site daily to care for your own friends. Your desire to care for your neighbors and loved ones has remained constant over the years. But, one thing has changed, and that's our use of smartphones for basically everything.
With that technological shift in mind, we recently created and launched a new version of our site! We want to make it as easy as possible to care for your friends using your phone and other devices! Don't worry, our site will still feel like home, but it's easier to get around now.
TakeThemAMeal.com, your favorite meal scheduling website, is now simplier and faster than ever while still being free and without ads!
With the launch of the new site, Scott and I want to take a moment to re-introduce ourselves and we look forward to connecting with you through the new site!

Our New Site is Live!!!

Many of the things you love will stay the same. Meal scheduling will still take place quickly and easily. Our tested recipes will be easy to access, our blog with all of its tips and resources will remain, and you'll still be able to ship meals from our store (just a lot more easily).
Here are some of our new features:
1. Mobile-friendly
The new site will work seamlessly, regardless of what type of device you are using. All of the functionality will adjust to whatever device you are using and you'll be able to create a meal schedule or sign up with ease!
2. Personalize your meal schedule with a photo
If you'd like to place a photo of the family or another photo on the meal schedule, we've made it easy to do so. For larger groups, this will help you to identify who you are helping. Don't worry if you'd rather not include a photo, because it's not required and your meal schedule will still look great!

Our New Site is Live!!!

3. Sending invitations just got easier
You can invite friends to participate in a meal schedule by easily accessing your email contacts, sending group or individual text messages, sending Facebook messages, or copying the link to use it where you need it.

Our New Site is Live!!!

4. Coordinator features all in one place
Once a coordinator logs in, all of the possible edits or adjustments will be available in an easy list. Want to change the timing of your reminder emails? It's there. Want to add a link to the family's blog. It's there. Want to see all of your other meal schedules? They're there.

Our New Site is Live!!!

Our New Site is Live!!!

5. Easy store check out
Sending a meal from a meal schedule has never been easier. You select when you want your friend to receive a meal, and we work out the rest. We'll know their address and when to ship the meal. The meal you selected will be added to the meal schedule with your name. After you write an encouraging note, check out is a snap!

Our New Site is Live!!!

6. Link to GoFundMe or other helpful sites
Are you also helping your friend raise money for funeral expenses? Link to their GoFundMe page or FreeFunder page (these are the least expensive sites if you want to assist a friend by raising funds online). Does your friend eat gluten-free? Link to their favorite gluten-free recipe site. You can even link to an Amazon wish list.
We hope you'll take a few minutes to check out our new site. All meal schedules you created before we launched the new site are still just where you left them, but now they will be even easier to use! Enjoy!

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