The Art of the 'Happy'

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The Art of the 'Happy'
A meal schedule made for a friend going through tough times can be a life saver. But what if that type of help isn't needed?
Encouragement comes in many sizes, and for times when a small gesture of kindness seems like a better fit, consider what I call The Art of the 'Happy.'
My friend Megan describes a time she was new in town, knowing only a few people, when a series of emergency dental surgeries interrupted life. Returning home from one, she found something completely unexpected. On the porch was a colorful gift bag, plumes of decorative tissue flowing out the top. Beside it was a bouquet of yellow daisies. The accompanying card said: "Who's at the top of my prayer list? You are!"
"I was so touched by the thought, the prayers, the gift," Megan said, "What a sweet reminder that I do have people who love God and support me."
While the price of Megan's gift was minimal, the emotional and spiritual boost was significant. Here are a few thoughts to spark creativity as you think about The Art of The Happy:
  1. Thoughtful, not expensive. Megan's bag included a magazine, tissues, ready to eat soup, pudding cups and instant mashed potatoes, items with her recovery in mind. "Every detail touched my heart and met my needs," she said. Less can be more. Try spending up to $20.
  2. Shop ahead. Dollar Tree stocks low-cost gift bags, tissue and greeting cards. Target's bargain section usually has a variety of unique, inexpensive items for Happys, like cozy socks, sunglasses, notepads, candles, toiletries, or spa items. Buy ahead to have some on hand.
  3. All Kinds of Occasions. Helping someone endure lingering COVID symptoms is reason enough to deliver a thinking-of-you gift. Joyful events are worth acknowledging, too. Kayla received a Happy before her daughter's wedding with waterproof mascara, a compact mirror, and a small bottle of sparkling wine. A friend going on a long-awaited trip received a travel journal, pens, and a picture frame.
Scripture reminds us to rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). Think of someone in your relationship circle who might benefit from a timely dose of encouragement and create a Happy. With a little bit of thought and not much money you'll undoubtedly bless the life of someone else while enriching your own.
Terri Foster is a freelance writer living in South Carolina who knows the joys of both giving and receiving Happys.
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