The Gift of Welcoming a New Neighbor

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The Gift of Welcoming a New Neighbor
Many years ago, we lived down an old country road in a farmhouse where we had just a few neighbors. We were renters, so not many of the neighbors introduced themselves to us because they probably felt we wouldn't be there long. Eight years later, we eventually met all of our neighbors and I remember feeling more at home and accepted in our rural neighborhood. Just a year or so before we moved from that area, we had the blessing of welcoming a new neighbor down the road from us. They were a young family with four children who also homeschooled. My children had never had neighbors to play with, so of course we were all excited.
We are still close friends with that family. Their friendship was a blessing and I often tell others that my new neighbor taught me how to be a good neighbor. She would text asking to trade ingredients if they were out of something. We would share eggs from our chickens, baked breads, and babysitting time if they had to run out of the house in a pinch. My experience with their family definitely imprinted on me and encouraged me to also reach out to others, befriending them and offering help when needed.
Welcoming a new neighbor is a wonderful way to not only to make someone feel at home in their new environment, but also a way to foster community. It's so easy to be distracted by technology or busy lives and then feel isolated. My own experience has convinced me that if you reach out to others, you will be equally blessed by how they reach out to you in return.
If you don't find it easy to meet newcomers, here are a few ways you can welcome a new neighbor. It doesn't have to be complicated! Simply saying hello is also a great place to start!
Start by Introducing yourself!
We had new neighbors recently move in across the street from us. I was going to the car to run to the store, and the daughter of the homeowner was also grabbing a box from her car. I called out, even from just across the street, to say hello and welcome! Even though I couldn't introduce our whole family at that moment, I wanted them to feel noticed.
Pass Along Helpful Information About Your Community
Have you ever had a new neighbor move in but didn't know how to first introduce yourself? Putting together a simple welcome basket is a great way to do just that! We love this free printable to include with your basket because it's a great way to share what makes your community great! List your favorite restaurants, places to shop, and even hardware stores! Click here to save and print your own! We also love this simple door tag you can hang on their door if they aren't home!
Make a Meal and Share a Recipe
Moving is often a stressful life event. Boxes are being unpacked, life feels chaotic, and simple needs like preparing a meal may take a back burner. Bringing your new neighbor a home cooked meal may be a welcome gift and you can share your recipe on a sweet welcome card as well! If you're short on time, consider dropping off a pizza gift card or cutting up some fruits and veggies they can grab easily.
Give Them Space and Be Respectful
Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to meet too many new faces all at once. Perhaps consider giving a new neighbor time to settle in before bringing the whole family over to meet and greet. Once settled, they may be more likely to remember everyone's names and also to venture out into the community!
I'm truly grateful for the neighbors around us. Not only do we look out for each other, but we're building a small community on our street. I can honestly say that you will not regret welcoming a new neighbor! Do you have a special way of welcoming someone to your neighborhood? We'd love to hear!

The Gift of Welcoming a New Neighbor

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