The Seasoned Mom is Our Celebrity Meal Provider for August

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The Seasoned Mom is Our Celebrity Meal Provider for August
We hope everyone is having a good summer and finding ways to use summer's bounty to bless your friends and family. We're certain this week's post will inspire you with new, fresh recipes to prepare for those you love.
This month's celebrity meal provider is The Seasoned Mom, Blair Lonergan. On her site, Blair shares quick and easy family-friendly recipes and she is truly a woman of her word. Her recipes are an excellent resource for weeknight dinners. Like us, Blair is from Virginia and she happens to be a high school friend of my co-founder's wife, Shaena. You may recall if you have a VERY good memory that Blair shared some of her favorite recipes with us five years ago.
Blair creates recipes that are easy for busy families and with common ingredients that appeal to adults and kids alike. You are in for a real treat if you haven't explored her site yet. The bright colors and beautiful images will inspire your summer cooking.
We're grateful for the opportunity to learn what meals Blair takes to her own friends when there is a need as well as her meal taking tips and tricks!
1. What is your go-to recipe when taking a meal to a friend?
When taking a meal to a friend, I always try to consider who I'm cooking for. Are there kids involved? Am I cooking for a couple, or for a larger family? That will dictate not only the quantity of food that I deliver, but also the type of meal that I prepare. Casseroles are convenient for the recipient, because everything is contained in one dish. There's no prep work or assembly required -- just pop it in the oven. I'm a food blogger, so of course it's impossible for me to pick just one go-to meal! Instead, I have a handful that I typically choose from. My mother-in-law's lasagna recipe is always a hit, these chicken enchiladas are easy and delicious, and this chicken and stuffing casserole is total comfort food!

The Seasoned Mom is Our Celebrity Meal Provider for August

2. What do you send along with the recipe? Any sides or desserts?
I always send along at least one side dish and a sweet treat that pairs nicely with the meal. For instance, a Caesar salad is perfect for an Italian-inspired meal, this black bean and corn salad goes well with the enchiladas, and this house salad with cranberries and candied pecans is tasty alongside the chicken and stuffing casserole. To round out the meal, your friends might also appreciate garlic bread with the lasagna, tortilla chips and salsa with the enchiladas, or a loaf of pumpkin bread with the chicken casserole.
For dessert, I try to prepare something that's easy to transport and doesn't require any special refrigeration or reheating. Favorites include my chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a pan of brownies (usually from a boxed mix!), a lemon bundt cake, or this one-bowl chocolate cake.
3. What containers do you use to take this meal?
It's safe to assume that someone in need of a meal probably doesn't have the time, energy, or desire to wash many dishes! As a result, I package the meals in containers that are either disposable or that I don't need returned. I like the disposable foil pans that come with lids for casseroles, and will even use the same foil pans for salads or trays of cookies and brownies. Big Ziploc bags and disposable plastic containers are also handy.
4. What inspires you to take meals to others and how does that align with your work on The Seasoned Mom?
In our family, we show love with food, by cooking for others, and by spending time at the table together. On The Seasoned Mom, my goal is to provide readers with delicious, simple, easy-to-prepare meals that bring families together at the end of a busy day. Less stress, and more pleasure! When I can do that for someone in real life, it's a blessing for both me and for the recipient!
Many thanks to Blair for giving us a peek into her meal-taking process. I hope it helps you as you care for your own family and friends.

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