We're Here for You in 2023

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We're Here for You in 2023
Here we are at the start of a new year. Many of us are carrying over difficult situations from last year or we're supporting loved ones who are. While it has been slowly creeping up on me, I find myself at the age where friends are losing parents, my kid's peers are getting married, and some of my nearest and dearest are becoming grandparents for the first time.
The common bond between these life events is that taking a meal remains one of the best ways for me to care for my friends. My dad died younger than most. The meals my friends brought helped us through some very tough weeks when the grief was new. Now, I can care for my own friends in the same way knowing how much it's needed.
Watching my friends plan weddings this past year quickly helped me see that taking a meal to the hosting family during the wedding week can offer some much needed rest. I also look forward to taking meals to some new moms in 2023 who will be caring for little ones with little to no sleep. Even now, I can love my friends well by loving their grown children who are becoming parents themselves.
As you enter 2023, be on the lookout for situations in your own life where someone could use a meal schedule or even a single meal. We're here if you need any support while setting up a meal schedule. As always, don't hesitate to let others know when you could use a meal yourself. True community is the back and forth of caring for each other as we are able.
If you haven't joined us on Facebook or Instagram already, we're providing weekly videos to inspire your meal taking and thoughtfulness. I love this new resource! My family will appreciate me being able to share my excitement with you and not just them! As soon as a video is posted by our new team member, Nadia Jones, I ask if they've seen it yet!
If you're looking for our popular "You Are Loved" spoons to include with your meals, you can find them in our new merchandise store along with our totes bags, t-shirts, and mugs!
Finally, I'll leave you with this quotation from Patience Strong that was sent to me recently - a beautiful description of what we can be to our loved ones during difficult times.
Winter sunshine is
a fairy wand touching
everything with a strange magic.
It is like the
smile of a friend in
time of sorrow.

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Adina & Maureen

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