Rough Edges   ( Apr 14, 2019 )

Meal Coordinator:  St Marks Darling Point  02 9363 3657

Meal Location:   1 Greenoaks Ave Darling Point NSW 2027   [view map]

Notes from St Marks Darling Point . . .

Please write down the dish you plan to prepare when you sign up.

If you're stuck for ideas some suggested dishes are:

One pot meals, Roast chicken, lamb or beef; lasagne, sausages, rissoles, chunky soups, salads, roast vegetables, noodle salads, tacos, risotto and bolognese
Pasta is a great option, but let's try not to provide 4 pasta dishes on the same night.

Cakes, fruit, biscuits, slices, (trifle is popular but can cause a few issues if there's not enough to go around!)

Rough Edges does not have a fully equipped kitchen. There are 2 microwaves so meals can be reheated, however there is no oven.

It's best to use disposable containers as there may not be a volunteer who can ensure your dishes are collected and returned to you at the end of the night.

Please leave your meals in the front foyer of the church, or in the Church Hall prior to 7pm. A member of the 5.30 service will deliver the meals at 7pm.

For more information on Rough Edges or St Marks see: