3 Helpful Tips for Decluttering


3 Helpful Tips for Decluttering
Our family is in the process of a big move. We have lived in our current home for over eight years. Five children later and our home is full to the brim with kiddos and everything that comes with a large family. Packing and moving has forced me to declutter a lot and what better time to share that with you than now as I'm faced with this task! I can't say I'm an expert and I still feel completely overwhelmed at times, but here are my three most helpful tips to share as I decide what to keep and give away.
Using Something Often or Not
The first question I ask myself is how often do I use this item? Is it something that sits in my kitchen drawers or cupboard taking up space? Is it something I reach for often when cooking? If the answer is no, I choose to let it go. The best example I can give (and some of you may completely disagree with me on this and that is totally fine!) is a pressurized cooking appliance I had been given that I used a grand total of maybe two or three times. It was large and took up a lot of space in my small kitchen. As much as I wanted to use this popular item, I still chose to sell it instead! I was hesitant to let it go because I felt guilty thinking I should be using it more! But ultimately, it was the right choice for me. So, if you find yourself using something like that often, your choice would be different from mine. But the question still remains...if you don't use it often does it deserve space in your home?
Joy and Purpose
The next question is a Marie Kondo style question I ask myself. Does this item bring me joy? This can fall into the lines of something you may have been given, but you don't necessarily enjoy having it. If my answer is no, I feel no guilt in purging it from my home. I look at all my possessions with a sense of being willing to let go if they aren't serving me well and bringing me joy. I love the idea of something having an intended purpose, even if that purpose is just bringing a smile to my face. If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo, read her helpful organizing tips here! I particularly appreciate her guide to moving as it's very applicable to our family right now.
Can Someone Else Use It?
The third and final question I will often ask myself is a simple question we all ask ourselves. Do I need this item? I have often held onto things thinking I might use it someday. It could be something beautiful like a piece of art I keep meaning to hang somewhere. I ask myself this question to put into perspective if I truly need a particular item in my home. A second question I ask myself is if I know someone who needs such an item? This is a great way to let go of extra things in your own home while in turn helping someone else who may need exactly what you have! This has always helped me to let go of something while also taking comfort in knowing someone else is blessed because of something I didn't need. Remember to ask first before giving. I also never want to overwhelm someone else with my unwanted items and create more clutter for them.
I'm hoping that by the time you all read this, I will be unpacking and potentially putting these things into practice in our new home! I hope you find these tips as helpful as they are to me. Do you have any decluttering advice to share? We'd love to hear your own tips and tricks! Happy New Year from our family to yours! Best of luck with your own decluttering tasks!

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