A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along with a Meal

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A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along with a Meal
One evening this week after dinner, I planted some larkspur seeds in my box garden. A sweet friend of mine included the seed packet in my birthday card this year. I've been saving them since February and now I can't wait to start seeing them emerge from the ground. Later this summer, the blooms will be a reminder of my friend.
As I was planting the seeds and enjoying the weather outside, I started thinking of all the meaningful reasons you could give a packet of seeds to a friend. They are easy to enclose in a greeting card and don't even require extra postage if you're mailing a single packet or two.
You could send a seed packet to a friend to:
  • Remember her birthday (pick her favorite flower or color)
  • Plant in memory of a loved one (Forget-Me-Knots can be a thoughtful choice)
  • Cheer her up (Sunflowers or Zinnias are bright)
  • Have some blossoms to look forward to after surgery
  • Celebrate a child joining the family
  • Plant at a new home
These are also occasions where you may decide to take someone a meal. Sending along a packet of seeds would be such a sweet addition. If the recipient does not have a yard, you can send a little pot with a small bag of soil inside. Be sure to select a flower that doesn't grow too tall if you're choosing this option. You can find how tall a flower will be on the back of a seed packet.
Here's a super cute way to package some seeds that you're sending along with a meal.

A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along with a Meal

One of my friends and I plant the same flower seeds in the spring and we report to each other how they are doing. Last year, it was zinnias. I sent her a packet and kept a packet for myself. We had fun reporting our success (or lack of success) to each other. Last year, she grew beautiful zinnias and I fed the local rabbits!

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