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An Inside Look at
A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the talented Becky Hadeed for her podcast, The Storied Recipe. As an added bonus, she prepared and photographed the meal I mentioned during our time together. The podcast episode was released recently and I hope you will listen. I will put the links for listening below.
Yes, you will get a behind the scenes look at, my co-founder (Scott), and my favorite meal to take to friends, but you will also be introduced to a podcast I know you will continue to enjoy on a weekly basis as I have. Becky is gifted at getting people to tell their stories about food, family, and relationships. Her beautiful food photography accompanies each episode and I was overwhelmed with how well she captured my meal.
Becky wrote about the podcast where I was featured:
"As Adina shares the details of why they often rejected advertising on their site, the years that she and Scott worked on a volunteer basis, choosing to see the site as a service not a business, their highly empathetic hiring process, and their frequent sending of free meals, you'll remember, as I did, that maybe hustle and profitability aren't the highest callings out there. And maybe we'll all learn from Adina, also, to redefine the harvest for which we hope."
I'm certain kinder words about our site have never been spoken. I hope you enjoy our episode of The Storied Recipe podcast and I'd love to hear your thoughts after listening.
Links to listen:
Here's some of what you'll hear:
  • Becky's personal testimonials with
  • Adina's story - how she started it
  • How it grew in 3 years when she wasn't even paying attention
  • Choosing to reject advertisers and hire employees before paying herself
  • Her working relationship with her co-founder, Scott
  • Responding to a need with, which ships each day and provides income for a team
  • Adina's best tips on sending meals and staying sane
  • Packaging tips
  • Adina's favorite recipe to send
  • Memories of her grandfather's mashed potatoes
Be sure to follow The Storied Recipe on Instagram to see more of Becky's lovely food photography.

An Inside Look at

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