An Update and Encouragement

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An Update and Encouragement
We have been overwhelmed by the incredible feedback you have given us regarding the updated version of Take Them A Meal. Thank you for your kindness and support! Our greatest hope is our site will continue to provide an easy way for you to care for your family and friends.
Those of us behind the scenes at Take Them A Meal have been heartbroken over the loss of so many lives at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. We were very quickly reminded of 2012 when you partnered with us to deliver meals to Sandy Hook Elementary families and teachers. Scott and my husband drove from Virginia to Connecticut to hand deliver the meals. We were grateful that someone on the office staff who used our site reached out to us and we were able to partner with all of you to support those who had lost so much.
The card we designed to go with each meal was large because many messages from our users were included on the inside. Later, we were told that the teachers at Sandy Hook posted the card on their classroom doors. The simple message was "Love Never Stops". After our initial delivery, we sent cookies and other support to the school annually until our office friend retired.
We chose "Love Never Stops" for the front of the card for two reasons. First, when you lose someone you love deeply, you continue to love and miss them. They are a part of who you are and you carry that relationship with you into the future. The love is unending. Second, the message is a good reminder to continue loving and caring for those in our lives who have faced loss and tragedy. The families and loved ones who are left behind are forever changed. When we remember their loved ones with them, it's a gift we can give.
I've found myself thinking often about the families in Uvalde. Hoping they all have someone showing up with tear-filled eyes delivering a meal or other kindnesses. I know that if we could, we would all want to do that for them. What we can do instead is look for a need that is around us where we are. How can you use the concern you have for what happened in Texas to care for someone who is near to you?
Late last night I received a text from a friend to check my porch. Earlier that day, the same friend texted me to say she was thinking of me and my Gram. I had lost her a year prior and my friend remembered with soft pink peonies. They're opening next to me as I write to you. A thoughtful reminder of my grandmother on the anniversary of her death.

An Update and Encouragement

As we head into summer, I hope we are given some time to reflect on both our own losses and remember the beautiful ways our lives are still impacted. I hope we also take some time to recall the losses of others and how we might help the memories of their loved ones live on.
In a novel I recently read, the main character's mother died when giving birth to her. This was a conversation she had with her aunt.
"And then I was born and then she died."
"But when we talk about her, she comes to life."
"Never forget that Esme. Words are our tools of resurrection."

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