Change Someone's Day For The Better


Change Someone's Day For The Better
What is the greatest compliment you have received?
For me it came over the holidays when my family was enjoying an apple pie I made to serve after Christmas dinner. My brother-in-law came up to me, plate in hand, and exclaimed genuinely, "This is the best pie crust I have ever had." If you knew my brother-in-law, you would know this compliment is a big deal! He is a trained chef and has his own meal-prep business. His food is the best I've tasted and is full of flavor! For him to tell me something I prepared was the best he had tasted, I was actually speechless!
That's when this quote came to my mind:
One kind word can change someone's entire day.
January 24th is National Compliment Day. There is never a wrong time to give a compliment and in honor of this day, here are three simple, thoughtful ways to pay a compliment! You never know when the compliment you give will change someone's day for the better. It's an art of both kindness and discernment. Knowing how and when to speak a kind word to someone is a valuable life lesson for all of us.
Compliment Things A Person Has Control Over
Have you ever been complimented on a physical feature and felt uncomfortable? Consider that someone else may also feel insecure about a physical trait, the size of their house or age of their car. Never compliment something that the individual cannot control. Instead, focus on what a person does have control over. For example, the style of their hair for the day, the choice of art hanging on their walls, or if you're like me, the flakiness of their pie crust. Noticing these kinds of details truly speaks to an individual's personal success and accomplishments.
A Compliment Must Be Genuine
A phony compliment can induce feelings of awkwardness. If you are giving a compliment, or perhaps if you are struggling to find a compliment to give to someone, focus on something genuine. Say something you love about that particular person or something they have done well.
Be Ready to Back up Your Compliment
Have you ever given a compliment and then been asked why afterward? When you give a compliment, be prepared to back it up. A well given compliment affirms the receivers uniqueness and is specific. Good compliments help strengthen our relationships at work and home. You can even encourage a stranger when you notice something they have handled well.
We can all benefit from learning to give good compliments and I hope you can put some of these tips into practice today! We'd also love to hear from you! What is the greatest compliment you have been given? Happy National Compliment Day!

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