Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!


Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!
For me, New Year's Eve has always sparked a sense of wonderment and anticipation. There is something beautiful about the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one. Celebrating from the comfort of your home is a wonderful way to ring in the new year! As you close the chapter of 2023 and look ahead, we've got you covered with a few New Year's Eve traditions you may want to try. They're fun for the whole family and don't require staying up until the clock strikes 12!

Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!

5. Balloon Drop
In a New Year's post a few years ago, Maureen shared how doing a balloon drop in her home has been a big hit! You can find everything you need at the Dollar Store, making this an inexpensive party idea with a big impact! Simply pin the net or table cloth to the ceiling and fill with balloons. When the time comes to drop the balloons, pull the string attached to the net and watch the balloons cascade down to everyone's delight! If you prefer step-by-step instructions, click here. Doing a balloon drop like this is a wonderful way to celebrate at home and is fun for everyone!
4. Countdown Bags
Countdown bags are a clever way to keep children busy as you count down to your new year! If you have young children who are learning to tell time, this is a wonderful way to sneak in a lesson while giving the kids a cute craft to work on. Dual purpose! Fill each paper bag with snacks, games, or crafts. Then, glue a clock face with each hour to each one. All your guests and family members will enjoy opening the designated bag when the time comes! For a free printable clock face to make your own countdown bags, click here.

Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!

3. Watch Your Favorite Home Movies
Staying home in pajamas and snuggling up on the couch to watch our favorite movies with a bowl of popcorn isn't something I pass up often! A fun spin to ringing in the new year at home would be to reminisce by watching memories from videos and photos you've saved on your phone. If you can't be with loved ones, a Zoom meeting would be equally as enjoyable and give everyone a chance to share memorable moments.
2. Make A Family Time Capsule Together
When we were newly married, my husband and I created a time capsule. We filled one of our favorite Nalgene bottles with notes to each other and a few keepsakes, then buried it on a well known hiking trail. I love the idea of making a family time capsule together. This would be a wonderful way to pass the time. Fill it with your children's height measurements, their favorite sayings, and your hopes for the new year. Dig it up years later to see how everyone grew and changed.

Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!

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1. Toast to The New Year With Milk and Cookies
Toast to the New Year with milk and cookies! Use the photo above as inspiration for a tasty adaptation the whole family can enjoy. The Dollar Store is a great place for finding disposable glasses, beads, and other festive, wearable items your family and friends will be sure to enjoy!
Whether you are alone or with family this New Year's Eve, commemorating the end of one year is a beautiful way to reflect on all life's struggles, joys, and accomplishments. Part of our reflection at Take Them A Meal and Perfect Potluck is thankfulness for you and all the ways you care for those in your community.
How will you ring in 2024?!

Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home!

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