5 Tips for Taking a Meal to Adopted or Foster Families

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5 Tips for Taking a Meal to Adopted or Foster Families
Making the decision to welcome a foster child into your home can be mixed with a range of emotions. I know several families who have opened their doors to fostering and I've learned some ways to help through this important transition. If you find you are taking a meal to someone who is fostering, or has recently adopted, here are few simple ideas to consider:
1. Keep Meal Ingredients Separate
Foster children may not have had the opportunity to try many foods and for this reason, they may be picky or have food insecurities. It is important to bring a meal that has options for them to choose. Keep ingredients separate, so they have the chance to choose what goes on their plate. Here are some cute ideas we hope inspire you:
  • Sandwich basket: Provide all the fixings for different sandwiches!
  • Taco bar: Keep ingredients like meat and beans separate so each plate is customizable depending on their likes and dislikes.
  • S'mores basket: Perhaps the family has dinner covered, so consider bringing a fun dessert like smores!
  • Breakfast basket: Make an "oatmeal kit" or provide several options of fun cereals. The goal is to keep things fun and light hearted! Maybe send along yogurt and fruit to make parfaits or include a smoothie kit! Don't forget coffee for the adults.
2. Don't have expectations
Take a meal that is simple in nature or provide dinner substitutes like protein bars or hard boiled eggs. Providing items to choose from ensures the family has options to make serving a meal easier.
3. Write a note
Consider writing a welcome card to the whole foster family! Foster or adopted children may struggle with feeling accepted. Including their name on the card could mean so much to them.
4. Ask The Family What They Need
Reaching out and asking how you can help can be a blessing. Remember, by supporting the foster or adoptive family, you are helping the child or children in their care. Bring a gift card, activities basket (with crafts or games), or ask to help with yard work.
5. Take Them an "Anytime" Food Bin
Regardless of the rules the foster family may have in their home for meal time, eating is a basic human need. Children will be assured knowing they have healthy food available when they need it. To help encourage the thought that food is "available anytime," consider bringing an anytime food bin. Stash it with food items like fruit, peanut butter or protein bars! Be sure to check about food allergies too!
Any of these ideas could be helpful to a family who is fostering, thinking of fostering, or welcoming an adopted child into their home. We hope this post makes things a little easier if you find you are taking a meal to a foster or adoptive family. Thank you for reaching out in your communities and caring for those who need a little extra support. We value our readers and always hope to offer hope and encouragement for the work you all do!

5 Tips for Taking a Meal to Adopted or Foster Families

* Thank you to Courtney Leach, our Take Them A Meal blog publisher, for reviewing our tips and sharing a photo of her beautiful family.

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