Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles


Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles
Casseroles are an easy way to prepare meals for sharing or storing in the freezer. Did you know that some casseroles are better frozen uncooked while others should be cooked first?
Any casserole recipe that calls for raw meat should be fully cooked before freezing. If you are preparing a casserole that calls for pre-cooked meat or is meatless, you can store it in the freezer uncooked.
The baking, freezing and re-baking process can change the texture of some ingredients, making them unpalatable. Avoid freezing casseroles that are dairy heavy and contain high moisture cheeses like ricotta or cottage cheese. Eggs, starchy vegetables and watery vegetables should also not be frozen. The freezing process can crystalize the water molecules causing them to separate from the cheese or vegetable. If you want to freeze casseroles that are dairy heavy, the dairy should be fully cooked and allowed to cool. For more information on how to properly freeze casseroles, this article from Eating Well is very helpful!
Looking for ideas to spruce up your dinner routine? I'm sharing some casserole recipes you may enjoy that freeze well!

Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles

For me, this casserole is comfort food. The chicken and vegetables freeze well and can be kept on hand to take out whenever the need arises! Because this casserole contains chicken, you will need to cook it before freezing. *Pro tip - cook the vegetables to al dente, they will finish cooking when you take it out to bake.
My sister-in-law made me a meal similar to this after I had my first child and I still remember how delicious it was! It totally hit the spot. If you are looking for a recipe that freezes well and is kid friendly, this is a wonderful option!
Shepherd's pie may contain ingredients that typically do not freeze well, yet by taking a few steps to preserve it, it can be done. Some of these tips include allowing the dish to completely cool before freezing. Covering it with plastic wrap and an airtight lid may also help lock in flavors and offer more protection. Click the link above to read more on how to properly freeze this comforting meal!

Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles

This baked ravioli is as comforting as your favorite lasagna! Because the ground beef is cooked to make the sauce, it can be frozen before baking making it an easy meal to prepare and store. For more ways to "meal prep" your freezer, this post may be helpful!

Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles

Taco Pie is another beginner friendly meal that can be frozen before baking. It is the perfect cross between lasagna and a hearty casserole! I could easily see how this would be a comforting treat.
Do you have a recipe that you love freezing? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram or post a photo of your favorite casserole dish! Wondering how to transport it? Of course we love our insulated meal carriers for that purpose!
**The Cheesy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas shown above are from our site's selection of tested and yummy Freezer Meal Recipes. Adina found the adorable black and white casserole pans at Dollar Tree!

Helpful Tips for Freezing Casseroles

#1:Check out these fun heart-shaped brownies using store-bought brownie mix, melting chocolate, sprinkles, and molds from Dollar Tree!
#2: Showing the people you work with daily that you appreciate all their hard work can go a long way! Show how grateful you are by creating a fun treat and attaching this free printable!
#3: How fun does a Cupcake Buffet sound!? Super sweet, right?! This fun idea would be great for the kids to enjoy at your next Potluck!
#4: These strawberry hearts are a neat way to make taking a meal fun! They're easy to make and add extra love to your meal!
#5: Taking someone a meal doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some of our favorite hints and tips to make it easier for you to take that meal.

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