How Our New Site Will Help You this Fall!


How Our New Site Will Help You this Fall!
Although it's not officially the turn of a new year, the onset of fall brings about a new schedule for a lot of us. Maybe you are starting a school routine or you're reconnecting with work after a busy summer. I know for me, I've already signed up to take someone a meal, I'm signed up to provide a team meal, and tomorrow night I'm working concessions at a school volleyball game. And this is only the first full week of school! Yikes!
Earlier this year, we launched a new version of our site, Take Them A Meal. Over the past few months, we've continued to make updates to help you care well for your friends and loved ones. We were the first meal scheduling website, we've always been the easiest to use, and now we're the most up-to-date (while still being free and without ads)!
Whether you're a new user or one of our longtime friends of the site, here are the ways we can help you this fall:
1. Easy meal schedule set up
Fall brings new routines and people into our lives. We reconnect with old friends. If you hear of someone facing an illness, surgery, chemo or welcoming a new child, offer to create a meal schedule. Having a few meals brought to your home during a difficult time is a gift! Our new site makes it easy to create a sign up and spread the word while you're on the go! You can read about all of our new features here. Our ultimate goal is making helping others easy for you!
2. Coordinate your meal schedule with other efforts
In addition to providing meals, are you helping a friend raise money for medical expenses or household items after a fire? You can link their meal schedule to their GoFundMe page or FreeFunder page (these are the least expensive sites if you want to assist a friend by raising funds online). You can even link to an Amazon wish list or other registries. This way, friends can share in meeting different needs, but the details are all in one place.
3. Transport your meals well (and in style!)
This fall, we're confident one of our insulated tote bags will help you keep the meals you are transporting warm. We're giving away as many as we can for FREE. Go to our Instagram page, follow us, and comment on our tote bag post. We'll message you for a good mailing address and our favorite bag will be headed your way (while supplies last and U.S. shipping only). We'd love to see you using your bag. Be sure to tag us at #takethemameal.
4. Information cards to share
We often get requests for business card size handouts from those who work with individuals/families who would be helped by having a meal schedule. If you work at a church, hospital, hospice, or birthing center and would be helped by some of our cards, we would be happy to send you some at no charge. Email us at and let us know how many cards would be helpful (10, 25, 50, etc.) and provide a good mailing address.
5. Free planning for potlucks, school parties, and team events
Believe it or not, aside from Take Them A Meal, we also created a free potluck website that makes planning parties a snap. Perfect Potluck makes it easy to list what food is needed for your gathering and friends can sign up. If you are in charge of planning school parties, a Thanksgiving meal, or another holiday gathering, Perfect Potluck will be your new best friend!
6. Sending a meal for you
Did you know we can ship a delicious, healthy, family meal to anywhere in the U.S.? Whether you are short on time or your loved one lives far away, we've got you covered. Several years ago now, we partnered with a local cafe to make meals for those times when a comfort food on the doorstep is what's needed most. It's easy to order from any meal schedule. We're proud of our meal offerings!
"Thank you for your service. Love sending meals when l can't cook myself. Great products and all my friends love meals l send." -Kim A.
Our incredible team is ready to help you this fall! Feel free to email or message us with any questions you have along the way. We are always happy to help as you are coordinating meal schedules, providing meals, or planning potlucks and other gatherings!

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