If Receiving Meals Doesn't Come Easy

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If Receiving Meals Doesn't Come Easy
Do you have a difficult time accepting help from others? I often do! This isn't because I don't want help, but because I don't want to be a burden to others. For most people, it is easy to want to do something for someone else. I love knowing I am helping a friend who may be going through something difficult. Why would I feel I was a burden if it brought joy to those stepping in to bring me assistance for whatever reason? If you find that you also feel this way, here are three helpful thoughts to make it easier next time you are the one in need.
You are providing others an opportunity to serve
One of the most important reminders for me when I find myself being cared for is to change my perspective. In accepting someone's care, you are providing someone an opportunity to serve and use their strengths for someone else's good. Rethink how you perceive being the recipient. You are not a burden and your time of need is providing someone else the ability to practice something they enjoy. This may be the perfect opportunity to give someone else a chance to participate.
It lets someone else practice their skills
Another thought I like to remind myself of is that my time of need is providing those around me the chance to practice their gifts. It's impossible for any of us to be strong 100% of the time. Telling myself it's ok to have a moment of need helps me to take the focus off my situation and instead notice my loved one's talents. My father-in-law loves sharing tasty treats with all of us. He will often wait eagerly to hear us say that it was delicious! He finds joy in entertaining and seeing everyone happy with satisfied bellies of food. This is a great example of the joy it may bring someone else to bring you a delicious meal. Maybe they had a recipe they were excited to try and you are the first recipient. Letting someone else practice their skills is always an opportunity to say thank you in return.

If Receiving Meals Doesn't Come Easy

Enjoy getting new ideas yourself
Sometimes we can gather our best ideas from watching others work! You may find yourself tasting new recipes you wouldn't have otherwise tried! Maybe it was a delicious casserole they brought that was easy to make! Or maybe you loved something so much you know what meal you'll bring to someone else in need next time you find yourself bringing a meal. There is so much good that comes from letting others into our weaknesses. In doing so we are able to help someone else later and be a stronger version of ourselves.
Overall, it can be challenging to be on the receiving end, but there are rich lessons to be gained in the help we receive from others. I hope you will enjoy learning from your loved ones the next time you may find yourself on the other side of taking a meal.
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