Small Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend

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Small Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend
My dear friend, Rachel (who is the inspiration behind Take Them A Meal), hosted her daughter's wedding this May. Not only was I invited to attend, but I was also able to spend the weekend arranging flowers for the event. My mom owned a florist for many years. She and my sister, who are both incredible designers, taught me a few things along the way. Rachel could have managed on her own if she wasn't also the mother-of-the-bride, so I was there to keep working (along with a group of wonderful women) when she was pulled away for other wedding activities.
One of my favorite memories from the weekend was designing the bridal bouquet with Rachel. My friend herself is a miracle and the fact that we were together and we could share in this special time overwhelmed me in a good way. I was reminded of the many prayers for her healing and, all these years later, we were enjoying her daughter's wedding together.
I held the stems as she placed them in a wire frame we made. Many of the gorgeous wedding flowers were grown by Rachel as part of the flower farm she recently started. Once we finished the bouquet, we zip-tied the stems in place and finished it off with a flowy silk ribbon.
Rachel's daughter, Allison, has a blog post with many beautiful wedding photos if you're interested in seeing how it all came together.
To thank those who helped with the wedding, Allson put together gift bags with items that were carefully selected. As I opened my bag, I thought each item alone would be such an encouragement to a friend. I felt very spoiled by this sweet "thank you" and I thought you might like to have a peek at what she included.

Small Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend

Several of these gifts you buy in multiples, but that makes them easy to divide up to have an encouraging gift on hand when you need one for a friend.
Box of Chocolate Soaps - My daughter agrees that this soap smells amazing! The best part is it's 98% naturally derived ingredients, gluten-free, vegan, and made in the USA.
Calming Showers Steamers Gift Set - Place this little cube in your shower and it immediately becomes a spa. I couldn't believe how calming the mint smell was when the warm shower caused the cube to steam. Who would have thought that something so small could bring so much relaxation?
Chocolate Covered Cherries - I couldn't find this exact brand, but a few special chocolates in a tiny box will brighten any day for sure.
Air plants and holders - Have you encountered air plants? The heart vase was too cute as a wedding thank you, but the containers I linked are readily available. These would be fun to send along with a meal and no green thumb is required. Air plants like indirect light, soaking in water twice a month for 20 minutes and an occasional mist. And they are very forgiving if you forget.
Seed packets - Zinnias are my favorite summer flower! I love how the seeds were put in these tiny brown envelopes and the front was customized. You could write a note to your friend and include her favorite seeds. You could even enclose one of Allison's adorable tiny watercolor paintings from her Etsy shop.

Small Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend

It's been such a joy to remember this special day as I've been writing this post. I shouldn't have been surprised that the bride would introduce me to so many delightful items to remind me of this lovely weekend! Rachel and her family are a talented bunch!

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