Tips for a Successful Meal Swap with Friends


Tips for a Successful Meal Swap with Friends
As we all adjust to the end of the summer and back-to-school routines one dilemma always remains. What to make for dinner!
Like many of you, this is a constant challenge at our house. We see you doing your best to feed your family well and often taking meals to others. We know this is no easy feat!
Consider organizing a meal swap with your friends and neighbors. On your designated cooking day you provide a meal for your family and participating households. When it's another friend's turn, enjoy a cooking-free evening with a thoughtful, homemade meal coming your way.
Think of those in your social circle who might want to participate. Gather your friends, start the discussion and share the workload!
You can even use our online meal planning tool to simplify a meal swap, send reminders and ensure a variety of meals.

Tips for a Successful Meal Swap with Friends

Pointers for a successful meal swap
  • Swap with those who are close by or in your neighborhood
  • Invite those who are reliable and won't let you down
  • Discuss allergies, food restrictions and anticipated meal budget
  • Keep it simple and consider your members, e.g., kid friendly
  • Select recipes that travel, store and freeze well
  • Decide on the meal containers that are the best fit for the group
  • Consider a freezer meal exchange if that option works best
  • Based on member input decide on the best drop off or pick up locations
  • Keep the conversation going on what works, what doesn't and ways to improve the meal swap
Our insulated green tote is perfect to organize and transport meals. We made sure it fits a 9" by 13" pan with plenty of room to spare. It would be a great addition for those participating in a meal swap.
If you need some inspiration check out these easy weeknight dinners as well as these tested freezer meals (for when you need easy make-ahead ideas).

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Adina & Maureen

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