Update and Checking In

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Update and Checking In
How are you holding up these days? At this point, you've either had several weeks of staying at home or continuing to work in a job where you care for others (while trying to protect yourself). No matter how your life has changed, all of the new unknowns related to COVID-19 have been scary and exhausting. I am weary in many ways and I imagine you are too.
We've had a stretch of cold, gray, and windy spring days in Virginia this year and weather has often reflected my mood these past few weeks. Today, my phone rang at 4 pm and it was a friend telling me she was outside dropping off a plant for my yard. She brought me an Ageratum named "Blue Hawaii", so I could dream about beaches and vacations during my days at home. One small gesture, a plant from my friend, turned my day around for the better.
These days of living during a pandemic are hard. The losses we are facing and seeing others face are overwhelming to say the least. My friend brightened an otherwise dreary day with a small act of kindness to encourage my heart.
As I was sitting down to write this post, I realized there are many "virtual flowers" I have enjoyed, but haven't shared with you. Both of our sites continue to be used by friends and loved ones and there is still beauty daily:
  • Families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 have full meal schedules
  • Most of you are continuing to take meals to friends and loved ones following the CDC's "no contact" delivery recommendations
  • Thousands of "You Are Loved" spoons went out across the country spreading a message we all need right now
  • Neighbors are providing pizza kits and hosting online pizza parties for their streets
  • Families are using our shipped meals to have virtual family reunions
  • Companies are using our shipped meals to build unity through online team dinners
  • Supplies are being gathered using PerfectPotluck.com to make sure everyone who needs a mask has one
  • Frontline workers are receiving donated meals to help them through their shifts
The kindness we continue to see through both of our websites reminds me of a quote I encountered a few months ago from the PBS series Call the Midwife:
"The hands of the Almighty are often found at the end of our own arms."
Our care for each other is continuing through flowers, meals, notes, and countless other acts of kindness. During this time of feeling as though there is so much we can't do, there are things we can do and you are doing them. Thank you!

Update and Checking In

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