Vegetarian Sides to Serve for Thanksgiving


Vegetarian Sides to Serve for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and although a lot of us are already thinking fondly of turkey and honey-glazed ham, I want to share some ideas and delicious vegetarian recipes. There are a number of simple tips and recipes you can use to keep many side dishes available for your vegetarian friends. Whether you are a vegetarian or you are preparing a meal for someone close to you who is, I hope you find this post helpful.
One of the easiest ways to make sure your side dishes are vegetarian is to substitute vegetable stock for chicken stock. A side of green beans can be even more delicious when cooked in stock. Vegetable stock provides the same depth of flavor as chicken or beef stock. If you cook your stuffing in the turkey, be sure to hold some aside to be made without any of the meat drippings for your vegetarian guests. Preparing sides in this way will ensure they can reach for as many dishes as possible without the worry of going home hungry.
Here are some simple Thanksgiving sides directly from our website you can prepare vegetarian! You can find a full list of recipe ideas here. Preparing vegetarian sides doesn't have to be intimidating.
  • This Green Beans Almondine recipe is one of our favorites and is a wonderful vegetarian side. Try cooking your green beans in vegetable stock using this recipe!
  • Another favorite of ours is this Honey Glazed Carrots recipe!
  • Take a spin on simple baked sweet potatoes and prepare them this way seasoned with rosemary!
  • Fruit salads are always pretty and festive and the touch of vanilla in this recipe is so delicious!
  • If you'd like a mix of textures on your plate and you already have mashed sweet potato casserole, consider preparing regular potatoes this way using our Zesty Potatoes recipe.
  • Although this may not be a traditional Thanksgiving side, consider providing a warm side of quinoa! Quinoa is packed with protein and various beneficial vitamins and minerals making it a nutrient dense option. We love this recipe here! Substitute the chicken broth with vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian.
My sister-in-law is a long time vegetarian, so this topic was at the forefront of my mind for the coming holidays. I asked her what made her feel remembered the most at Thanksgiving, and she sent me the most helpful and sweet reply! She mentioned feeling extra-loved when a hearty, filling vegetarian dish was provided for her. It's important to provide more than just a salad, and in particular, a warm dish also warms the spirit.

Vegetarian Sides to Serve for Thanksgiving

Consider sides or filling dishes that would make you feel that warm, fuzzy, thankful feeling we all love after a Thanksgiving meal. This is a recipe she loves and I am sharing it here. This hearty vegetarian pot pie by Aida Mollenkamp from Food Network looks so delicious you may need to keep it from everyone else at the table! As always, thank you for your ideas! I'd love to see what vegetarian main course dishes or sides you have to share! Do you have someone in mind to cook for or is your family vegetarian? Inspire all of us to think a little more beyond the turkey.

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