Ways to Help with Grief this Mother's Day

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Ways to Help with Grief this Mother's Day
For some, Mother's Day can be difficult. The day can be a reminder of a loss or an absence of something hoped for. Acknowledging this difficulty and coming alongside those who are grieving can be done thoughtfully. Here are ideas for how you can help someone cope this Mother's Day as well as some simple gift ideas to show you are thinking of them.
Be a good Listener
Sometimes we are quick to speak and slow to listen. We might say things like "at least this...." or "you should be grateful for such and such..." At times, we unintentionally try to minimize grief. Oftentimes, those who are grieving are aware of the many blessings around them. You won't be able to distract them from what has brought them grief. It is there. Simply acknowledging the pain is often comforting enough. Instead, say things like, "I'm here for you" or "I'll bring you a meal today."
Don't avoid talking about loss
Another difficulty we may face when comforting someone who has experienced a loss in some way is to avoid talking about it. Don't feel uncomfortable saying, "I'm sorry for your loss" or "I'm sorry conceiving has been such a struggle for you." It's okay to grieve with your friend and it's okay to feel like you don't have the right words. Sometimes being there is enough.
Offer to help in other ways
Offer to do laundry for them. Offer to take trash out. Offer to bring a meal or set up a meal schedule. Bring flowers, write cards and remember their loss or struggle with them. Offer to take them out for a comforting cup of coffee or tea on Mother's Day, so they don't feel forgotten. We can build a stronger community supporting each other during times such as this and remember that life can be a balance of joy alongside grief.

Ways to Help with Grief this Mother's Day

Send a Thoughtful Gift
Send a gift that shows you remember them this Mother's Day. We love this beautiful remembrance necklace for mothers who have experienced loss. We also love this carefully curated gift box for a bereaved mother from laurelbox. It can be difficult to know exactly what to send and each box is thoughtfully curated. They have several options to choose from and you can even build your own box! Lastly, sometimes sending just a simple card is enough. Click here to buy the card shown below for a mother-to-be who may be struggling with infertility.

Ways to Help with Grief this Mother's Day

Do you know someone who may need encouragement this Mother's Day? We hope you find this post practical as you seek to support your friends and loved ones.

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