Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021


Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021
As all of our wonderful and users know, there is something so special about showing you care through the gift of food. One holiday tradition I'm looking forward to is making homemade treats for friends, family, teachers, and neighbors. Our homemade gifts are never complicated or fancy, just heartfelt, easy to package, tasty, and often, more budget friendly than buying something off the shelf.
Here are a few of the edible gifts I have made or received in the past with rave reviews. We hope they inspire you as you seek to creatively care for those around you.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

You can't mess up these easy and yummy chocolate covered pretzel rods. We made these when my kids were really little. They were happy to be able to help in the kitchen and so proud to share them.
* Packaging tip - Any tall treat bag, like these, are perfect for packing.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

'Tis the season for comforting, warm drinks. This chai tea mix is a favorite among our TakeThemAMeal staff. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy. If your friends prefer chocolate, try this homemade hot chocolate mix or, if you're feeling adventurous, try the fun new trend, hot chocolate bombs.
* Packaging tip - Mason jars are a lovely way to transport ground mixes. Add a pretty ribbon or twine for a festive touch.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

One of my favorite holiday gifts we ever gave were balls of frozen cookie dough. I loved knowing our friends could enjoy warm cookies any time, even after the sugar-filled holidays were over.
* Packaging tip - I used a freezer-friendly container similar to this but I also love the way The Fresh Cooky packaged hers.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

Homemade granola is such a nourishing and welcome gift. You can customize it any way you want, but Naptime Kitchen suggests not leaving out the ginger in this spiced granola recipe.
* Packaging tip - Granola is best given in sealable, large mason jars to ensure freshness.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

When my friend Sarah gave us these candied nuts one year for Christmas I was thrilled. I love having these around to add to dishes, especially salads, or to snack on. They were delicious and enjoyed by everyone in my family.
* Packaging tip - Did you know you can now shop Target's Dollar Spot online? They always have cute choices for packaging, like these gift bags.

Giving the Gift of Food this Holiday Season 2021

Last year we gifted this lovely jam.The combination of flavors was perfectly Christmasy and I loved that you can use it on so much more than bread, like yogurt, ice cream, or even pancakes. It was thoroughly enjoyed!
* Packaging tip - The Cafe Sucrefarine created a cute label to go with this jam. Comment on her post if you'd like her to send you a pdf.
No matter how you choose to show your thankfulness, I'm sure your recipients will be grateful. It's been another tough year and any token of love, homemade or not, will be appreciated.

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