Ideas for Helping Friends Celebrate the New Year

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Ideas for Helping Friends Celebrate the New Year
Do you have a friend who had a tough year and heading into 2022 might seem overwhelming? Or maybe a family you love is having to quarantine and will be at home for New Year's Eve? Or maybe staying home on the 31st is more fun for you or your family right now?
December has been a long month in our household, so keeping things simple and caring for our friends seems like the ideal New Year's Eve plan for this year. Even so, I hope to make something with a New Year theme for my own family and other friends who will be starting the new year at home.
Here are some thoughtful ways to mark the New Year with your family or encourage a friend:

Ideas for Helping Friends Celebrate the New Year

This is such a simple, but cute idea! It wouldn't be hard to make one for you and one for a friend since most cupcake recipes make 24. I saw another site where the clock in the middle is made from aluminum foil, so you wouldn't have to put a cake in the middle. The numbers look like they are cut out of fondant, but you could easily put chocolate frosting in a Ziploc bag to write the numbers. Just clip a small piece off of the corner of the bag and squeeze the frosting through the hole. Practice a few times and then you're ready.

Ideas for Helping Friends Celebrate the New Year

You could make these for your family or surprise a friend with a porch drop off. Even those who are grieving might like to know you remembered them and will be there for them in 2022. This site even offers a free printable of the cute tag, so you would just need to attach it to a bag of kisses.
You can easily put one of these boards together with foods you have on hand. A healthier version could have fruit, veggies, and cheese.
Decorations and Cider
Putting out a few decorations or dropping them off to a friend can help mark the end of the year while you're at home. Hobby Lobby has these glasses and beads in their store and they're on sale. I also like to have sparkling cider for my family! Together, these items would make a festive package for a friend.

Ideas for Helping Friends Celebrate the New Year

One thing I like about this free printable is the focus on the past year as much as the year ahead. You're asked to recall your favorite memory of 2021, your favorite book, and other interesting reflections. Looking forward, one thing you're asked is something you want to try in 2022. It's low pressure, yet inspiring.
I hope you found this list helpful as 2021 comes to a close and we head together into 2022!

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