Simple Back to School Lunch Ideas


Simple Back to School Lunch Ideas
Today is the day! The day we've been waiting for and wondering about. The day where my kids (5th grade, 3rd grade and Kindergarten) are starting a new school year online. I have no idea how virtual learning will work out for our family, but I do know that I'm going to strive to have an abundance of grace for everyone involved (especially teachers). We're all in this together.
I have missed many aspects of in-person school, but packing lunches is not one of them! Sadly, it's time to get back to it, even though this new school year looks different.
I hope these suggestions spark some fresh lunch ideas as your kids start back at school, whatever that looks like for you.
Tips to Consider
Have your kids pack their own lunches after dinner or right before bed the night before. This allows them to be involved in the process and frees up time in the morning. I plan to do this even with virtual school to help make the school day go a little smoother.
Choose the same meal for the whole week to make things easier on yourself. Plan the same main dish, sides, fruit and vegetables and then change it up the following week.
If your family is doing virtual school, surprise your kids with some of their favorite school lunches they may be missing. Our school provides an occasional chocolate muffin, which is, of course, one of my kid's favorites! I made some for them last week and they were so excited to have a taste of school.
Not a parent of school age children, but know a family who is? Consider blessing them by dropping off some easy and transportable lunches
5 Simple Lunch Ideas
Pita or flatbread
Cherry tomatoes
Sliced Cucumbers
String Cheese
Cheese Quesadilla
Chips and salsa
Red pepper slices
Mini bagel and cream cheese
Peaches and blueberries
Snap peas
Mini pancakes (Always make extra pancakes! They refrigerate and freeze wonderfully)
Greek yogurt
Banana or orange
English muffin pizzas
We wish you a great start to a new school year!

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